Parent Testimonials

"The confidence that the instructors have instilled in my daughter is priceless. The training she received at Launch has propelled her forward in this industry. I am so thankful that our path led us to such extraordinary individuals who truly care about my daughter’s future."
Brenda Galvez
Mother of Veronica Galvez
"I want to express our love and gratitude to Ashley, Nicole, and Craig. Without their leadership, guidance, support, and efforts on our behalf, Addison would not have been prepared for the path that she is on today. She continues to coach and tape with Nicole when she is home in Louisiana. The growth and progress that we have seen in her is amazing. In everything in life, you must have a solid foundation to build upon. We believe the foundation of acting education she received was the best in the business. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
Jeanine Riecke
Mother of Addison Riecke
"Craig, Ashley, and their team gave us our very first introduction to the entertainment industry. They gave my daughter her first acting class in 2003, and it was through these that we first gained an understanding of the business. Furthermore, it was their support and encouragement that led us to pursue careers in entertainment. We would not be where we are today without the preparation and training that they provide!"
Kathy Bridges
Mother of Chloe Bridges
"I would like to personally thank every person I have worked with thus far at Launch. As I am sure is often the case, I was somewhat skeptical before we visited Launch. Madeline, who has always been an excellent judge of character, immediately trusted you. Her excitement and my own experience during our initial meetings put my mind at ease knowing that my child had a true passion for acting and performing and wanted to be a student at Launch. Chuck and I decided we would commit financially and with our time to make Madeline's training the best it could be. We trusted that Launch was the right place for Madeline. Since then, I can assure you that my expectations have been met and exceeded at every possible interaction."
Kristen M. Core
Mother of Madeline Core
"Since joining in October 2014, our expectations have surpassed anything we could have imagined! What Sadie has learned since starting classes here has brought her more confidence than ever before in this industry! Not only is she learning from working industry professionals, she was given the opportunity to audition in front of both managers and agents monthly! Within a few months of starting classes, she was also given the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a huge competition called Industry Network where she won runway in her age division and first runner-up for Actress of the Year. Since coming home from Industry Network, she has signed with both an agent and manager in the Los Angeles area! This is absolutely something we would not have been able to do on our own! Sadie’s career has moved along very quickly and we owe it all to this amazing staff of professionals!”
- Kristi Fontenot
Mother of Sadie Fontenot