Monologue Workshop

The Monologue Workshop at Launch Model and Talent helps the more advanced acting student develop the skills needed for performing both dramatic and comedic monologues. The workshop will instruct students on how to develop techniques to help prepare and relax when performing, how to break down monologues, how to truly get into character using exercises in believability and emotion, and how to select a monologue. At the completion of the workshop, the student will be able to select and perfect a monologue, perform their monologue with self-assurance, and give a believable performance.
Available for Children, Preteen, Teen, and Adult.

OBJECTIVE:  Learn the fundamentals of acting monologues.  Each student will be required to find and perfect one comedic monologue and one dramatic monologue.  Monologue books can be found at most bookstores.  Students should select monologues personally based on personality and interest.