Modeling Workshop


Teen and Adult Modeling Workshops at Launch Model and Talent helps students develop the skills necessary to work successfully as a model. This workshop will teach students about photo posing, body alignment, facial expressions, the differences between editorial and commercial photography, movement, confidence, runway, and how to conduct themselves at an audition.

Runway instruction at Launch Model and Talents is covered weekly in every class. This helps students learn the basic techniques practiced in modeling schools around the globe.  Runway is not a skill that can be developed in one session or workshop, it takes a lot of work and practice week to week to develop, maintain, and strengthen. Students will learn how to walk in a runway show or audition specifically for modeling castings, as well as developing the skills needed to improve appearance through poise, posture, and walking runway. Instruction in modeling classes is given for many different types of modeling markets including High Fashion Runway, Trunk Shows, Promotional Modeling, and Informal Modeling.

Launch Model and Talent is able to provide attentive instruction to each of our students directly helping each and every individual model be pushed to the next level for them. Our workshops are mixed with different levels of models including brand new to professional so talent can learn from each other and be pushed to their own unique and individual needs.

At the completion of the workshop, the student will know the fundamentals of photography work, how to pose more naturally and confidently, and how to market themselves to agents & local photographers and designers. The students will also know how to walk with poise and confidence down the runway & know how to prepare for a runway audition or a go see.