Instructor Testimonials

Our Acting and Modeling Instructors LOVE Teaching at Launch!!!

Find out why our acting and modeling instructors LOVE teaching at Launch in the instructor testimonials below. Not only do they LOVE teaching at Launch Model and Talent, they LOVE acting and modeling as our instructors are working actors and models themselves. 

Read our Instructor Testimonials below. 

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Instructor Testimonials

"I’ve been teaching here for over a decade and it’s truly been one of the highlights of my career. I’ve since reached a place in my career where I hear all the time: “Why do you still teach? You’re a busy working actor – you don’t have to.” I tell them I don’t teach because I have to; I teach because I want to. Teaching continues to make me a better actor, and my acting continues to make me a better teacher. I’m an actor foremost, so I can relate to my students firsthand on that level. I love the opportunity to impact to them the things that inspired me, or the things I wish someone had said to me along the way. I teach the theory, I teach the technique, but mainly I teach the person. For some, it’s just about helping discover a voice or a part of themselves they never knew they had. For others, it’s recognizing that they have the ability to go wherever they want with it and helping guide them there. It’s always great seeing students at auditions applying what they’ve learned and living out their dreams, but seeing them on set is as good as it gets. We’re all always learning. I learn from my students; they, in turn, inspire me; and personally, I’m a big fan of many of the actors who have come through our classrooms. Like Stanislavsky, the father of modern acting said – don’t love yourself in the art; love the art in yourself!"
"I have taught here at Launch for almost 8 years and they have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. I never planned on being a teacher but with my vast experience in the entertainment industry, a friend of mine suggested "... surely you can teach somebody SOMEthing!" Eight years later, I think her hunch may have been right. I actually love teaching. What I love most about my job here is helping others pursue their dreams. There is no greater feeling than seeing a new actor blossoming in the classroom, discovering new facets about themselves and developing confidence, a solid foundation, and an unshakeable skill set. It's truly remarkable to see students, from all ages, go from beginners to actual working actors-booking everything from commercials to leads in major motion pictures! Their joy, enthusiasm and will to succeed absolutely fuels my own motivation as an actor. Being THEIR teacher has taught ME. We all know this is a tough--but not impossible--business so, as an instructor, I emphasize the importance of being strong and resilient but also being prepared, studious, tenacious, dedicated and most importantly to have a positive, never-give-up attitude. I am blessed to be part of such a stellar team here at Launch--a team that truly helps make dreams come true."
"I have been a coach with the company for almost 14 years with a comprehensive commitment to student development. Whether an individual takes classes for personal growth or to train specifically to become a better actor, singer, or model we give the student the necessary tools in which to achieve an individual's goals. Our classes are designed to ensure the environment is a safe haven, one in which is supported through constructive input that allows for growth. Our students’ successes are directly linked to the parents and students dedication to the specific craft(s). I am proud to work with such good people, my co-workers as well as the students and parents over the years."
"In a world filled with mediocrity, rarely does anyone strive for greatness. It's stated that it takes 10,000 hours to become a phenom at your craft. Training is the beginning step to become freakishly awesome among your peers. Wanting to be an actor is not good enough. You must want to be great."​
"Teaching at the Academy for the last couple of years has been quite fulfilling. Teaching allows me to share my love and passion for the craft with other actors, which have made me grow as an individual, and an actor. There's no better feeling than learning one of my students received a callback, or better yet, booked a job, after applying the techniques we enthusiastically study in class, week after week. It's that level of commitment that gets me going, and makes me so proud when I see it in my students." ​
"I love seeing the spark of joy and empowerment as students lean into new acting skills and discover the depths of what they are capable of."