Charlene Colletti

Acting & Modeling Instructor Charlene Colletti

Charlene Colletti, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actress
"I have been a coach with the company for almost 14 years with a comprehensive commitment to student development. Whether an individual takes classes for personal growth or to train specifically to become a better actor, singer, or model we give the student the necessary tools in which to achieve an individual's goals."

Charlene Colletti is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana that has been an acting instructor for 7 years, teaching courses in TV I and TV II, Scene Study (Analysis), Improv, Voice and Diction and Auditioning Skills. She has worked in the industry as an actor and model for over 18 years. Charlene has been trained as an actor and model through formal acting classes, as well as, Los Angeles workshops. Her training consists of private lessons with Jay Malarcher, MFA professor at the University of West Virginia, Improv, Scene and Commercial Workshop at Studio South with Gary Grubbs. Charlene’s first speaking role was in 1988 in Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke White starring Farrah Faucett. From there she starred in many independent films. Her most recent credits include the film “Runaway Jury” with John Cusack and Rachel Weisz and the Oscar winning film Ray, where she played Miriam Abramson, opposite Richard Schiff (best known from “The West Wing”). Stand-in work includes Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Beals and Tia Carrere. In the movie “Stay Alive” she was a photo double for Maria Kalinina. Charlene has done numerous commercials including a Conseco’s National Commercial, and co-starred with Willie Nelson and Phylis Diller. She has also done dubbing and voice-over work for film, commercials and radio. After many commercials, films, training and more, Charlene has settled back in New Orleans doing what she loves most. Charlene is an acting instructor for ages 4 – 30 and continues to audition as much as possible for future success in this business.