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Like any major performing arts academy in New Orleans, it is the goal of Launch Model and Talent of Metairie to be the best acting, modeling, singing, and life skills academy in New Orleans. We put a premium on the caliber of everything from our support staff to our physical space with an obvious emphasis on our coaches. As is evident from the extremely recognizable members of our faculty here in the New Orleans Metropolitan area, we have sought far and wide, and worked diligently to procure the services of these wonderfully talented and gifted individuals. If you are looking to hone your skills before your audition for acting or modeling agencies, Launch Model and Talent is the place to be. 

We are all about you, our current and prospective clients. We pride ourselves on being as accessible as possible and being able to get you ready for your auditions at acting and modeling agencies. New Orleans natives and clients from all over Louisiana come to Launch Model and Talent because they know we will do everything within our means to help you reach your dreams.

Please feel free to contact any one of our representatives at any time with respect to any and all questions you may have about our performing arts school. In New Orleans and in Metairie, students prefer the teaching methods of Launch Model and Talent. Enroll today and see the difference. 

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Meet The Launch Team!

Launch Team

Craig Magleby


Samantha Doucet, Launch Model and Talent's Director of Marketing

Samantha Doucet

Director of Marketing & Promotions

Brielle Sagnibene, Launch Model and Talent's

Brielle Sagnibene

Industry Network Director/Photo Director/Academy Administration

Jasmine Martin, Actor, Launch Model & Talent

Jasmine Martin

Industry Network Director Assistant

Headshot of actress India Argro

India Argro

Academy Administration

Justin Duplantis, Executive Director of Scouting & Placement, Launch Model & Talent

Justin Duplantis

Executive Director of
Scouting & Placement

Tadasay Young, Talent Scout at Launch Model and Talent, Actress

Tadasay Young

Talent Executive

Shawna Work, Talent Scout at Launch Model and Talent

Shawna Work

Talent Executive

Mason Beauchamp, Launch Model & Talent Talent Executive & Actor

Mason Beauchamp

Talent Executive

Jessica Mushtare, Modeling Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Model

Jessica Mushtare

Launch Model Management

Shairda Brown, Modeling Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Model

Shairda' Brown

Modeling Instructor

Headshot of actor and Modeling Instructor Christian Suarez

Christian Suarez

Modeling Instructor

Billy Slaughter, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actor

Billy Slaughter

Acting Instructor

Nicole Barre, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actress

Nicole Barre

Acting & Vocal Instructor/ Audition Coaching & Taping

Samantha Beaulieu, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actress

Samantha Beaulieu

Acting Instructor

Charlene Colletti, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actress

Charlene Colletti

Acting Instructor

Kelly Lind, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actress

Kelly Lind

Acting Instructor

Rachel Whitman Groves, Acting Instructor at Launch Model and Talent, Actress

Rachel Whitman Groves

Acting Instructor

Ruth Marie Olson, Launch Model and Talent Singing Instructor

Ruth Marie

Singing Instructor

Talent Discovered